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Best Intermediate College in Hyderabad
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Top IIT JEE & NEET Coaching Institute in Hyderabad

Pragathi Academy is The Top IIT JEE & NEET Coaching Institute Offering Expert Guidance to Students Preparing for Competitive Exams. Pragathi Academy is a well-regarded coaching center in Hyderabad when it comes to the competitive world of IIT JEE and NEET preparations. Pragathi Academy, which is renowned for its dedication to both academic brilliance and holistic development, has established a name for itself among candidates hoping to succeed in these challenging exams.


IIT JEE and NEET Coaching

In the realm of competitive exams like IIT JEE and NEET, Pragathi Academy stands tall as a premier coaching institute in hyderabad. It has garnered a reputation for nuturing aspiring students and guiding them toward success in these challenging examinations. 

Give the power to enhance learning skills. Pragathi Academy is the Top IIT NEET & JEE Coaching Academy in Hyd.

Pragathi Academy emerges as a beacon of academic excellence in the realm of IIT JEE and NEET coaching. Its holistic approach, commitment to personalized learning, and track record of success position it as a top choice for aspiring students.

provides learning tools and resources to help students develop their skills and reach their full potential. Join our classes today and start improving your knowledge.

IIT-JEE/NEET Academy in hyderabad

Our Educational Programs



Pragathi Academy provides Students Empowerment Programs that help students develop their skills and reach their potential. Enhance your performance and make a mark!



Pragathi Academy provides innovative teacher-empowerment resources to ensure students have access to quality education. Join us to meet the challenges of modern-day learning.



Pragathi Academy helps parents foster emotional intelligence in children and teens through training, workshops and resources. Be empowered to become an effective parent!

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Years of Experienced

PRAGATHI ” the name itself indicates strive for excellence; started it’s unveil journey in educational field by starting “Pragathi Vidyaneketan” and established” Pragathi Central School” in the year 2011 giving value added education with a total strength of 4000+ students. It proudly launched junior colleges in the year 2022 with four branches in the city with a strength of 2000+ students with excellent academic result. The vision is to launch more branches in and around the city in the next academic year

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Students Empowered

At our institution, we specialize in cultivating premier educational competencies that foster a profound capacity for critical thought, empowering students to effectively pursue their objectives. Central to our ethos is the cultivation of creativity, an essential cornerstone of our educational philosophy, all while ensuring that traditional values remain seamlessly integrated within our pedagogical framework, enriching the educational experience for our students.

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Teachers Empowered

Our institution is led by a team of charismatic, highly qualified educators with extensive experience. They are deeply committed to supporting students throughout their academic journey, ensuring their success. With personalized guidance, students are empowered to achieve their goals, particularly in exams like IIT-JEE and NEET. Our teachers go above and beyond to foster a culture of excellence and achievement. Together, we strive to make dreams a reality.

Why Choose Us

Outstanding Educational Programs

Pragathi Academy offers empowering intermediate courses with dedicated faculty, ensuring students excel through a comprehensive learning experience.

Outstanding Hostel Amenities

Our secure and modern hostel facilities provide students with a comfortable environment, allowing them to focus on their studies worry-free.

Expert IIT-JEE/NEET Coaching

Pragathi Academy offers expert coaching for IIT-JEE and NEET exams, with dedicated faculty for supporting students throughout their preparation.

Holistic Development:

We prioritize well-rounded development, offering extracurricular activities to equip students with skills and confidence for success in exams and life.
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