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Best junior college in Hyderabad for BIPC​

Pragathi Academy is Hyderabad’s premier junior college for BIPC (Biology, Physics, Chemistry), renowned for its expert faculty, personalized attention, and comprehensive curriculum, setting students on the path to academic excellence.

BIPC college in hyderabad

In the educational landscape of Hyderabad, Pragathi Academy shines brightly as the best junior college in Hyderabad for BIPC, standing out as a beacon of academic excellence in the domain of intermediate education. Situated in the vibrant locality of Kukatpally, it’s renowned not only as the best intermediate college in Kukatpally but also as the best intermediate college in Hyderabad overall.

For students seeking the best college for BIPC in Hyderabad, Pragathi Academy offers a comprehensive platform, providing unparalleled educational experiences and opportunities. With its specialized focus on the sciences, Pragathi Academy is undoubtedly the premier BIPC college in Hyderabad, earning its reputation as the best BIPC intermediate college in Hyderabad and the best BIPC junior college in Hyderabad.

Pragathi Academy’s commitment to academic excellence is evident in its meticulously designed curriculum, expert faculty, and supportive learning environment. Students at Pragathi Academy receive personalized attention and guidance, ensuring their holistic development and success in competitive exams.

Whether aspiring to pursue careers in medicine, engineering, or scientific research, Pragathi Academy empowers students to realize their dreams through its innovative teaching methodologies, practical experiences, and comprehensive study materials.

Choose Pragathi Academy for an unparalleled educational journey, where excellence is not just a goal but a standard upheld every step of the way.


Pragathi Special Advanced Programme.

  • This programme has been designed for the students who are aspiring to secure seats in AIIMS, JIPMER, AFMC & NEET.
  • The course is conducted by Senior Faculty with more than 15 years experience in teaching NEET aspirants
  • Students opting for this programme will prepare for NEET and EAMCET.
  • We dedicate 2.30 hours to each subject i.e [1.30 hour Teaching + 1 hour working with same Senior Lecturer].
  • We provide well designed Course material for the students in practice sessions during study hour in the presence of Senior Lecturer.
  • Daily Test, Weekly Test and Cumulative Tests conducted on a regular basis
  • Saturday: NEET Monday: NEET / EAMCET.


Pragathi Mains Approach Programme.

  • Tailored for students aspiring to enroll in NITs, IIITs, and GFITs, this program offers comprehensive preparation.
  • Led by experienced Senior Faculty with over 12 years of expertise in teaching JEE Mains, the course ensures top-notch instruction.
  • Participants in this program will focus on preparing for JEE MAINS, BITSAT, DEEMED Universities, and EAMCET.
  • Each subject receives dedicated attention with a 2.30-hour allocation, comprising 1.30 hours of teaching and 1 hour of personalized guidance from the Senior Lecturer.
  • A meticulously crafted course material is provided to students for effective self-study sessions under the supervision of the Senior Lecturer.
  • Regular assessments including Daily Tests, Weekly Tests, and Cumulative Tests are integral parts of the program.
  • The program schedule includes JEE MAINS sessions on Saturdays and JEE MAINS/EAMCET sessions on Mondays.
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